A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

A successful recruiter’s day is guided by a daily plan, created each evening before leaving the office.  The plan includes the following:

  • client follow up calls regarding a candidate currently in the interviewing process
  • candidate calls to brief or debrief on an interview
  • warm client calls to gain new business from referrals
  • marketing calls to introduce your services to a potential new client by presenting a strong candidate
  • recruiting calls to identify the passive candidate for a specific job
  • matching calls to contact potential candidates with whom you are already in communication regarding a position on your job
  • presentation calls to present candidates to clients

The day often starts with a meeting with the office owner to review each recruiter’s activity.  Getting a status on all the candidates or jobs in process and what steps need to be taken to keep the process moving forward.  These are helpful coaching sessions in which the office owner spends time helping recruiters become successful.  Owners take interest in your success and it’s a great asset to have them in your corner. 

These are also meetings in which the recruiter must be accountable for his/her activity.  While we deal with a people-focused service of placing qualified candidates in excellent opportunities, recruiting is essentially a sales function; selling our services to the client, selling the candidate’s qualifications to the client, selling the strengths of the opportunity to the candidates, and so on.  So being accountable for what you do each day is an essential part of your success.

After these meetings, it’s onto the phones! A great deal of time during the day is spent on the phone.  Since FPC recruiters work nationwide, all interviewing of candidates and meetings with clients take place over the phone.  Often, it’s helpful when the recruiter sets up call blocks – undisturbed periods of time when she can stay focused and reach out to as many people as she can in that time.  Then taking a break from the phones to review emails or new resumes coming in helps break up the day.

Before leaving for the day, the recruiter writes a daily plan to prepare for the next day so they can hit the ground running.

A recruiter’s job can sometimes necessitate a call to a candidate in the evening if they are unable to speak during the day.  FPC offices typically allow for some flexibility with respect to time-off so recruiters are happy to make these calls when necessary. But most importantly, a recruiter’s income is directly related to his activity and productivity, so if a candidate needs to be called at home in order to make a placement happen, strong recruiters jump at the chance to move things forward toward a placement.

One of the most exciting things about being a recruiter is the day-to-day variation in the job.  You never know what’s going to happen when you walk in the door.  The perfect candidate about to accept a job pulls out at the last minute, or a client loves a candidate so much they offer them the job on the first interview!  There are many ups and downs in the life of a recruiter, but there is nothing better than the feeling of bringing together a qualified candidate with a great career opportunity.  Recruiters are very special people, able to be counselors, negotiators, and motivators all in one day.

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